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Our Covid provisions

We closely follow its evolution and put in place the appropriate sanitary measures

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Come with peace of mind!

We have always demanded high sanitary disinfection measures in order to clean up our accommodation and thus preserve everyone's health, we did not wait for this virus!


We use cleaning and disinfectant products with and without bleach which eliminates microbes (bacteria, fungi and viruses), cleans thoroughly while respecting users and surfaces.


Hygiene and health safety protocol for your accommodation is as follows:

  A complete cleaning before your arrival

- ventilation of all rooms for several hours

- dusting

- vacuum

- disinfection of furniture and handles

- disinfection of sanitary facilities, sinks, showers, handles (doors, cabinets, window), remote controls, small and large appliances, switches ...

- washing and disinfection of floors

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Barrier gestures:

- bottle of hydroalcoholic gel at each entry to accommodation

- soap available in all bathrooms, kitchens and other water points

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.


If you want to come with your bed linen and towels, we have double beds 160X200 cm

and single beds in 90X200 cm.


Also note that we can offer you the rental of household linen entrusted to the laundry Au Lavoir, specialist in the treatment of linen for hotels and communities in our region.

Finally, to allow us a careful and precise cleaning, departures are done before 10am and arrivals after 5pm.

This duration also allows us good ventilation of all the rooms.

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